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New! Phono Preamplifier The PH9 phono preamplifier is a great pairing with most cartridge and turntable combinations. A trio of 6H30 vacuum tubes are at the core of a simple and clear signal path to provide the most transparent preamplification possible. Five different impedance settings allow for cartridge loading, which can be changed on the fly with the included metal remote. Cartridge impedance, tube hours, auto shutdown, and other features are included in the menu system.


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“The PH9 got right into the groove, showing off its fine combination of speed
and delicacy. It captured the subtle rhythmic nuances of the music adeptly and
displayed effortless dynamics, showing itself able to go loud at a millisecond’s
notice…” Hi-Fi News, November 2016
As enthusiasm for vinyl has rebounded in recent years, it is important to remember that we’ve never
abandoned our support for the medium, from the on-board phono stages built into our SP-series starting in
1970, to the separate PH-series beginning in 1992. The vacuum tube PH9, is the latest in this series of high
performance phono stages offering new insight into what is buried in those glorious grooves.
With three high current 6H30 tubes, the PH9 provides higher transconductance, better dynamics, and better
sound. With a new copper-wrapped R-core transformer and a larger, higher-current power supply, the sound is
more powerful and dynamic, with deeper and tighter bass and greater musical authority. As in the Reference
Phono 3, the PH9 also has vacuum-tube regulation in its power supply, using a 6550 and a 6H30.
With a fixed gain of 58 dB, and loading options of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 47k ohms, a very wide variety of
phono cartridges can be accommodated. The single-ended RCA inputs and outputs assures compatibility with
almost any system, and its low output impedance gives the PH9 the ability to drive long interconnects.
All functions are readily available from the front panel or from the handy remote control, making the
optimization of your cartridge’s loading from your listening chair easy to hear. An hour meter, accessible
from the remote, keeps you aware of just how many hours are on the tubes of your PH9, making regular
maintenance a snap. The display can be turned off for those low light listening sessions. We’ve left nothing
to chance. The PH9 allows the beauty and naturalness of vinyl to shine. With clarity and dynamics that make
music come vibrantly alive, the PH9 keeps us pulling out one LP after another, not wanting the listening
session to end.
After nearly 50 years, our focus remains the advancement of the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Every
component is meticulously hand-crafted and personally auditioned before it leaves our factory. Our attention
to detail, customer service, and product support create unprecedented value. An Audio Research component
is more than a purchase, it’s an investment.
Head to your Audio Research dealer with vinyl in-hand and prepare to be astonished.